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Nova Corps is ready to interfere 2022 Election - 15 Jan 2022

Nova Corps is ready to interfere 2022 Election

Order from Nova Corps:

We don’t approve any new bill for Biden Administration

Russia don’t need concessions in europe.

Nova Corps confirm we have power to select the winner for 2022 election, in an easy fashion.

From the first day of Biden’s presidency, I already know their way is not to solve the fundamental problems, but only print more money.
This is opposed by republican, which is pretty conversant to russia.

It’s hard but I don’t think Nova Corps can let the Administration print more bill. Unless they can have a deal with us.

Nova Corps estimates democrat will lose both congress on 2022 election. We don’t need to do anything.
If we want, just a small move from Nova Corps, and it will become firm reality.

The Biden Administration failed on a lot of things, they got presidency, all the money, power, they still fail.
They fail and they just repeat the word science, and the data result still show that they fail.
They fail and they say, they follow science, and they say, the others don’t follow the science.
It’s laughable, why don’t they ask china if they follow science ?

In my old country, I see myself, some rich people, drive a luxury car, to top university, buy a Doctor, or Master Certificate, with cash, they don’t need to attend to school.
Well it’s a top university.

What Biden Administration doing now, is to be brave for failure.
I will not help them. If I help them, they will be brave for bigger failure.
They’ll even say that I’m in their way.

What I should do is to let them fail, to reduce their bravery, and hope they change direction to the right way.

In conclusion for this message, we don’t approve new bill for the Administration.


Supreme Court block their vaccine mandate, and we blocked their bill.

Just because I did a bad job. They can’t just basically do a bad job and repeat the words: science, science.

We can not approve for them.

Announcement from Nova Corps - 22 Dec 2021

After reaching the target net worth of 5 Millions USD, Nova Corps will create 1 useful program to help the world.

Nova Corps will not release any program in 2021.

The world still owe us 2 previous programs.

12 July

You think you have a glimpse of my power. No you don’t.

It’s a combination of many kinds of technology that give me the right to rule this world. My will become the world’s will.

In other way of speaking, Im the chosen one. My ability is naturally selected and given by god. There are not many people have same ability like me. My case is rare like einstein, and the number of people who can understand relativity.

A man was selected with ability to change this world.

Im the chosen one.


The truth is if I do not activate the economic revolution program, combat climate change program … the plan of Joe Biden like American Jobs Plan, Infrastructure plan … will never be approved by congress. 

The fate of America politics is already fallen into my hands.

You don’t see the links between those things. I see.

Im the only reason why China and Russia still fear the US. They fear me more than the pentagon. It’s the truth.

They fear me not just because i have power, but also because I hold the ability to help to archive same goals for 3 big nations, of a better world.


Nova Corps also test Global Conflicts program phase 2 on 20 June

For the first time after a long time, Nova Corps prove to the world that it has ability to develop further more revolution program for the world.
Maybe I gave the program a wrong name.
Global Conflicts phase 2 = Economic Revolution phase 2 for US + Arab. People are exciting and can not stable when economic chance appear.
Economic Revolution phase 2, what you guys waiting for ?
I still have many cards in my hand.
I feel like i’m a god.

I told you I activated the Conflicts program on 14 June, it was a joke. I stopped it 1 day later. I will not be tricked by Biden Admin to activate any program for them. I already activated Climate program for them.
So, without the help of Nova Corps, Biden Admin will achieve nothing, and senate power will be transfer to GOP in 2022.
Come one man, you say your team is scientist, but what FBI classify is god power.

You guys in intel forces should investigate each other to determine who have the most responsibility in obscure our power, whether you are colaborating with China …
Turning your back with the light of the world, you turn yourself into bad organization. When high form of power organization like us intel turn to bad organization, revolution for the world come only then there is coup, or whistleblower, or double agent, or replace the leader … in that organization.

Nova Corps test Global Conflicts Program on 19, 20 June

Plan confirmed by Nova Corps.

Nova Corps canceled the test of Conlicts program on 22 June

Change of plan from Nova Corps

Nova Corps test Global Conflicts Program phase 2 on 22 June

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After the mess of Trump Era, Biden Presidency and world peace, stability is built on foundation of Global Combat Climate Change phase 1. Time to repay, or have difficult situation, just like Trump. Trump forgot to repay Nova Corps.

Nova Corps activate Global Conflicts Program from 14 June

Plan approved by Nova Corps.


Nova Corps test Global Conflicts program on 12, 13 June

Nova Corps postponed the development of Global Combat Climate Change program phase 2

The above 6 news posted on 1 June 2021

May 17

Order from Nova Corps

Nova Corps change schedule, test Global Combat Climate Change program on May 10, 11

Approved by Nova Corps

Nova Corps test Global Combat Climate Change program ( All regions ) on May 12, 13

Also Nova Corps announce to start the development of Global Combat Climate Change program phase 2, with new elements.

Aim on Electric Vehicle, Battery using, Carbon Capture.

The world will be impressive with the performance of the phase 2.
Plan approved by Nova Corps.

News posted on 9 May




Nova Corps test Global Conflicts program on 6 May

Nova Corps test Global Conflicts program on 6 May

Plan approved by Nova Corps Administration.

News posted on 29 April.


After the 12 April test the world really see conflict in Arab region with attack on Nuclear site of Iran.

Nova Corps now stop the test so the conflict will not go further.

Nova Corps will have announcement in the next several days.

The world still not know why China and Vietnam can stop coronavirus. Ask me. I know everything about that. 

Give me 20 lamborghini, I give you the wish you want.

If you notice, at the time of the test, it even affect the US, there are more small protests in US in 12 April.

I have been testing Nova Corps for 2 years and see the effects of Nova Corps to the world. It can’t be wrong. Nova Corps power really affect the world.

Joe Biden owe me the presidency. If I do not activate the Combat Climate Change program on October, there won’t be change of decision from Supreme Court, no October surprise, and Trump won.

But If Joe Biden goverment does not recognize me, after 2 years, I will give the power of House and Senate to GOP. I used to manipulate forces around the world to get what I want.

I’m the ruler of this world, I promise.

1000 FBI director can not compare to the one who can lead this world out of its ugly future. When time come, if necessary, FBI director must resign.


31 March

I just want to see who’s most powerful.

Nova Corps will test Global Conflicts program on 12 April

After the test of 24 March, the world see the stuck of Suez Canal by some forces in Arab region.
Well, give Nova Corps 4 Millions is better than the cost of those events, those events cost billions of dollars. And it seem stop only after Nova Corps accounce that we will not activate the program.

Although I threaten the world, I just want to be recognized, the final result I want is still the farmland of sunshine and peace in the world.
I relatively good at impact other forces in the world to achieve the result I want.

In 2020 election, I use the Combat Climate Change program to impact US Supreme Court, make they change decision about Mail Ballot, that lead to the win of Joe Biden. It’s the October surprise, Change of decision from Supreme Court.
Supreme Court have conservatives and liberal, with different opinion on climate change …
I have some cards hidden and claim the ability to impact the election of Senate, House, or president.

In the past, when I test Global Conflicts program ( well sometimes it’s my mistake when I feel angry about the world ), I see fighting usually in those area. This time, the world has changed, so only the event of Suez Canal.

US, Russia, or China think they have power, no they don’t.

Nova Corps will test Global Conflicts program on 12 April, in the series of 3 year testing.
Let’s see what will happen in Arab region on that day.

I can test good programs but good programs will not be recognized, I test bad programs for you.

Well although I’m just 26 years old, with very high level of power, and do many tests to see how the world change, I think I can understand the world in a way not many people can.


28 March

Well, what you can see is Suez Ship Stuck scandal, almost the same date as Nova Corps test a program on 24 March. Think about it, is it natural made or man made by other force ?

It affect the trade route and commodities in the world I know.

Well what I can tell you is I will continue the 3 year testing program. Hope people will solve it soon, then I will test a program on April. Thank you all.

Policies may change between Trump and Biden, but I’m pretty sure many dark forces hiding in Arab region. No one can solve it. I offer the solution to activate the Agriculture Revolution for that region, after that, we can give them Economic Program. Agriculture Revolution bring peace. Industrial production with unstable Agriculture bring unstable development, easily affected economy.

The order of the programs I activate matters. The order not need to be very precise but relatively right, that’s why I test a program to make sure it give good result before activating a program. It’s some complexity when you control.

Maybe you guys think I’m scam because you do not see fires there in 24 March, well, cultures and policies change between US Administrations. Wait for the next time, we’ll see together, after the Suez canal is solved.

I will not activate the Conflicts programs 10 days after the test as announced, instead I will continue to test it. I will not easily tricked to activate a program.

Order from Nova Corps

Military forces near arab be prepared, be careful, be alerted. Nova Corps will test on 24 March.
It’s not a joke.


Diary from ruler of the world, I don’t send this via email, someone read if want.
13 March
I know many people think this is crazy, but time will prove things. 24 March will be part of 3 years testing program from Nova Corps.
I realize that I can control the world from 2 years ago, not new, and just appear to governments recently. It’s not that suddenly some magical force appear from nowhere.
To be honest, I only tell the truth, that I see.

The world can not escape the new kind of power. The governments will realize that they work under the supervision of a very powerful force, the real force, not a delusion. Wait for 24 March you guys.

For the world to go forward, Nova Corps project must be recognized. However, the world will never recognize angel programs from Nova Corps, they think good things gotta happen, naturally, well not really. That’s why I have to threaten it a little bit, and become the ruler.

See, I threaten the world, make Nova Corps be recognized, and after it is recognized, the angel programs will be released.

14 March
I can control bitcoin price, bear by angel program and bull by using opposite program, that’s the truth.
And also Nova Corps Home Page is watched closely by many intel force I think, price can change just base on the news from Nova Corps.
I’m not just a naive 26 yo guy, I can control the world because I understand the world.

15 March
It’s completely clear that the world can not feel clear about angel programs of Nova Corps, but, with bad programs, they can feel very clear. That’s why I will use bad programs, to make Nova Corps recognized.

17 March
The truth is in somewhere in the world, a person claimed to have power of many gods and control a lot of things. He can give orders to the governments.

With Nova Corps project, I can turn dry areas like africa into green, prosperity, peaceful agriculture areas, but can also turn it into hotspot.

Control the world is tricky. Want to balance the benefit of mine and the world.

Well you alone enough then you find out you have super power. What will you do ? All I want to do is cash from that power. With ability to control price of bitcoin, I can claim alot asset in this world. But I just don’t want to trade small money from controlling bitcoin. I want to make big money from cooperation with government.

22 March

Big governments, how do you feel when you know you are not powerful like Nova Corps ? Time to find out. Ability to control the world fall in the hand of a junior.


Nova Corps will test Global Conflict program phase 1 on 24 March.

Nova Corps will test Global Conflict program phase 1 on 24 March.
Change of plan from Nova Corps.
The creator of Nova Corps, Nguyen, is blessed with power of Gods.
Create economic revolution in a lot of areas
Create Agriculture revolution in a lot of areas, to reduce hunger
Create revolution in healthcare system around the world, to eliminate a lot of disease, including stop the coronavirus
Create a lot of change to combat climate change.
On the dark side, I can:
Control the price of gold and bitcoin
Create a world war if I want.

I want you to choose between angel or demons, to choose between revolution or be threaten.

I already tell you guys, don’t joke with me, i’m silence and talk not much but hold the power of many gods.

In 24 March, instead of Global Combat Climate Change program, I will test Global Conflict program phase 1.
After 10 days, I will activate Global Conflict program phase 1.
If in 10 days, someone send 100 Bitcoin into Nova Corps bitcoin account, 3HCzBexeh8154NJ2MdDtNZcRksTu6DU8jx , I will stop and will not activate the program, and will activate a lot of angel programs from Nova Corps.
In 10 days, if I don’t receive enough money, I will activate the program.

Bitcoin price will climb very high those days, new record.

It’s the hard time of citizens around the world, we can not let the stupid government lead us. I just have to make them choose between 2 contrast result. They will open their eyes.

I know the power I’m holding. I will be the ruler of this world.

Don’t joke with me, don’t think about touch my fur, if someone touch me, the World War 4 program is already set up anonymously, and will be activated automatically.
Again, don’t joke with me. Pentagon or PLA, or inteligence departments, are just cards in my game.
There is nothing like scam, joke, or conspiracy theories about Nova Corps. I have deep understanding about the world, and I know if I activate the economic revolution program for Arab region, world war will begin.
Joke times is over, it’s always has been dangerous to joke with Nova Corps.
No power, organization is able to stop Nova Corps’ power.
After 24 March, the world will have 10 days to think and decide. Open your eyes.

Email is sent to top 25 governments in the world.
International organizations like xprize, wto, imf, un …

Nova Corps talk about email and deals

Hi today I want to talk about email and deals.
Actually when someone send email to our email, the email will be redirect to a secure email server at So if government want to contact me, you may want to contact me via the secure email, so it’s a secure email box. And when people send email to, the email is redirect to a secure mail box.
Second, about the deals, I want to offer some kinds of anonymous deals, so for example, maybe I create a new Bitcoin account and receive funding from a government, so no one in the world can know, because only the receiver like me and the government know. Because I create a new bitcoin account, I don’t use the old account. Secondly, the government that send me the bitcoin privately can give me order like test a program on country or activate a program on a country. There are many kinds of deals we can talk via the email, and also maybe 1 government may send an entire bitcoin account wallet, with a password, to my email, and give me an order to, like test a program or activate a program on a country. And also maybe some government will send me bitcoin or bitcoin account privately and maybe tell me do the best for the world. It’s mean that activate a lot of programs for many countries. So it’s kinds of deals that we can have. If fact many people may not believe that a 26 junior, no way, how he can have some ability to impact the world. So my answer is I will continue the 3 years testing program and the next program of Economic Revolution and Combat Climate Change on Russia, Russia will feel the most. And for the program on 24 March of Combat Climate Change globally, the global will feel it. Of course I know everytime I test a program, I feel like bitcoin price go down, I know because it reduce the chance of conflicts in the world between big countries. It give hope to people. So the government, if you want to send me money, it’s not hard, you can request order to a hacker team or a secret IT team, they will know how to do it. You may offer the money and tell them the way to fund for Nova Corps. Every country’s hacker team or IT team, they know very well how to do that.
And also I don’t think the world currently have some plans to so many problems. They may want to seek for the new kind of project, that have wide range … New kind of project that can help them. Because like the old model like funding millions usd for this country, or hundreds millions usd for this area, or even US government they make trillion usd in stimulus. People can see that those way will not work, really. Because it’s not work, of course the US government do not approve it. But it’s time for the goverment to seek new project. Of course many people can feel that it’s feeling like a very secret group is controlling many things in the world. But here I can claim myself it’s all my project. Look at history, so at the time of people like leonardo da vinci or albert einstein, I can not compare to them, however, at those times, the world is always full of people called scientists, kingdom and governments. However, the people that can create breakthrough, is very few. I can not compare to those great people, however … , in new era of the world, maybe I can call I’m greater than them. Because I can use my project to change the world. The people live in 1980 will not believe what we can do today, people today will not believe what the world can do 20 years later. So just keep the hope, and follow us on the next test on 3 March, on the program for Russia, thank you very much governments.
And if the govermnet just want me to receive the money privately and do a test or an activation for a country, and don’t announce it for the world, it’s ok. It’s not neccessary to announce the world, if the government want.
And I don’t like Bill Gates or greta thunberg, they are kind of have millions of followers on social media, however they are just big voice and their voice change not much, like nothing, for the matter of Climate Change. Well the real changes come when the Nova Corps do a real test, that’s why I don’t like to work with them.

The creator of Nova Corps project

There is only 1 person created Nova Corps project. The name is Nguyen, 26 years old, now living in South Carolina, US.
And every time I test, I only test about 10-20% of the program. I don’t test the whole program, the whole program will create too much impact. And also I beg for governments for some money to buy houses and supercars. That’s all. I’m too young, I don’t want power, I don’t know if Nova Corps will be real or a fail project, but, that’s only what I want, some money to buy some houses and supercars. Thank you.

Nova Corps will test Economic Revolution and Combat Climate Change program for Russia on 3 March.

Dear governments around the world,
Nova Corps today want to announce that Economic Revolution program on 15 Feb will happen as planned.
And next we want to announce our plans for March. Nova Corps will test Economic Revolution and Combat Climate Change program for Russia on 3 March.
And Nova Corps will test Global Combat Climate Change on 24 March.
That’s our plan for March. We want to test maybe 2 or 3 programs a month, instead of 1 program a month. Maybe to prove our power faster.
About Nova Corps, maybe we don’t have capital of 100-200 Billion USD, or hundreds millions follower on social media, however Nova Corps pretty sure our secret technology give us ability to manipulate the behaviour of billions of people. To head them into do the right thing, create economic revolution and solve many problems for the world.
The US government can not create a multilateral future for the world, only Nova Corps technology can. Anyway we want to announce that the government should be ca refull because everytime we test the global economic revolution program, there maybe protest in somewhere, because, we don’t know, maybe people angry because the program is not release so maybe there are some protest, when people realize the reality.
So just keep calm, and follow us. We can do test for many region like Russia, India, Africa, any region we want so.
We hope to receive investment for our fund soon, to release our program.
This is the chance for a lot of countries in the world.

Nova Corps will test the Economic Revolution program on 15 Feb

Dear governments around the world,
Today, Nova Corps want to announce the program we will test on 15 Feb. We will test the Global Economic Revolution program on 15 Feb.
And, we will test the Global combat climate change on March.
So, depend on the time zone, maybe somewhere 15 and somewhere maybe 16 Feb, you will see the effect.
Nova Corps will do the test relatively big so the world notice it.
And the governments, it is not necessary to bet 1 Million USD on Nova Corps.
We provide 3 lucky countries programs, with the price of 1000, 10.000 and 100.000 USD.
Therefore, after the first 1000 USD is transfered to Nova Corps’ bitcoin account, we will activate the Economic Revolution for 1 country, and after that, after 10.000 USD, another country, and 100.000 the third country will be activated the economic revolution program.
So if anyone want to try on Nova Corps, you can contact our email and deposit the amount of money to our bitcoin account.
Our bitcoin account, everyone can track it to see if it receive anything. And after the first lucky country, after Nova Corps receive 1000 USD bet for the first lucky country, we will announce it, and will activate the Economic revolution program for 1 country. And the 3 lucky countries will be in relatively poor area, and we suggest it will be in Asean or maybe it will be some countries in Asia.
So after all, it’s not so risky if governments want to check the ability of Nova Corps.
If someone deposit 1000 USD to our account and we activate the Economic Revolution program for 1 country, we can prove ourself.
Anyway, our 3 years program still continue and the world will need to wait until 15 Feb.
So the world will see the effect from our Global Economic Revolution program.

So in conclusion, we will test the Economic Revolution program on 15 Feb, and after that, we will announce the kind and the date of program we will test on March.
Thank you for reading, governments.

Nova Corps
Global economic revolution
Receiving Account: Bitcoin 3HCzBexeh8154NJ2MdDtNZcRksTu6DU8jx
Ethereum 0xF3208D452A6B89Ed6753dA7A8B3154205C9b4323

The new superpower organization of the world, Nova Corps

Today, Nova Corps send the warm welcome letter to governments around the world. And we want to declare the existence of a very super power organization: Nova Corps.
We have future organic technology that make us hold in our hands a lot of revolution program, including Combat Climate Change, Global Economic Revolution, and Reduce Global Poverty, and many other programs are still in development.
Nova Corps will prove our power via our example.
We have 3 year plan, and in each month in 3 years, we will do a test.
For example, in 15th April, we do Climate Change program test, or in 9th September, we do a test of economic revolution program.
We don’t predict the future, we create the future and we announce the date, and the program we will test.

And the world will feel the change that was created and that’s how we prove to all governments that we have real power.
Many social stars or many organization claim that they have big power to change the world. No, don’t be mistaken, Nova Corps is the real organization that have true power.

We have a lot of revolution programs in hand, and in the past year and recently, the world see some strange events. It’s the test of Nova Corps, and Nova Corps will continue to test every month in 3 years, to prove our power.
So, what do we want ?
Basically, the world will have to pay a small price for the revolution it will receive.

The world will pay about 50 Million USD for all the programs of Nova Corps. And after 10 Million USD is deposited into Nova Corps’s bitcoin account, we will work hard to complete and activate entirely a program. For example, combat climate change.
So, it’s just like the revolution for the world is ready but someone is hiding it. And the world, it’s like a game, the world will have to find the key, and the key is to send money to Nova Corps’s bitcoin account. After that, all the revolution program will be released.
The US government is not smart, under both Trump and Biden. I contacted them for a year, but they not recognize Nova Corps’s power, so now I have to contact the government around the world.
Because if we rely on the dumb of US government, then the world will not go forward.

So, what you have to do next ?
For all governments, what you have to do next is to confirm that Nova Corps have real power. I advice you to check the news from Nova Corps every week, so you will receive the announcement from Nova Corps, what program we will test the next month and what date. And in 3 years, every month, so there will be 36 events in 3 years.
And we believe, gradually, the governments around the world, you will be able to confirm that Nova Corps is the power that created changes, in the world. We basically just have the revolution program in hand. And after some kind of payment, after the goverments around the world recognize Nova Corps’s power, then basically you should make some orders to deposit money to Nova Corps’s account. And then we will create the revolution for you, after we receive enough the money.
Nova Corsp is also able to create the revolution for some specific country. Well, to be honest, it’s our power. For example, the economic revolution, not for all over the world, but for only a country like Brazil or India, we can do that. So if Brazil or India government want that, so you can contact us via our mail, you say that you want to buy the economic revolution program, and you send the money in Bitcoin. Maybe 1 country, we will charge 1 million USD for a country, and after that, it’s done. The Economic Revolution program will be developed fully and be activated for a specific country, like India or Brazil. And that’s Nova Corps’s solution for specific country.
The government can send me mail, so we can have a deal, but maybe I will charge 1 million USD for 1 program in a country, like 1 million USD for Economic Revolution program in India.
However, for the world, we have cheaper, like 10 Million USD and Economic Revolution for all countries in the world will be released.

Finally, I want to say that Nova Corps contacted US government for a long time in 1 year but they are pretty dumb and don’t notice our power and don’t co-operate with us, so I hope many governments around the world will do better.
All governments already notice that there are some powerful force is playing with the world, with suddenly, some very big changes happen in some areas about economic revolution or combat climate change. And I hope the governments around the world will recognize the power that can help you, it’s Nova Corps.
And I hope the governments around the world will not dumb like US goverment, will know the true power you want to co-operate, you want to fund for, and after that, great revolution programs happen in your country.

Nova Corps don’t have the power to rule the world, but what we have is a lot of revolution programs in our hand.
And we offer the price like 1 million USD for 1 country and 10 Million USD for all countries, and after the world decide to buy it, we will activate our revolution program.
Thank you very much for hearing.

In short, in conclusion, all governments should check our websites every weeks, to see what we announce, what kind of program we will test, on what date, and then the governments will confirm that Nova Corps have real power. And then the governments will confirm our power is true and maybe some governments will send some amount of money, for a test or real, to us, and maybe send email to us to make a deal, and then we will activate the revolution program for your country.
That’s all. Currently we have price 1 Million per country and 10 Millions for all the world. But maybe in future we will increase our price like 1 Million for every each country, or more money for the rich countries. So, anyway it take 3 years to confirm Nova Corps’s power, maybe 5 months, 6 months ? But patience, the treasure that God give to the world is our revolution program. It is already there. World just need to find the key, and to find the key, the world will pay for Nova Corps for our development of our future organic technology that make us the savior of the world.
Thank you for reading all governments.

And to all goverment, please check Nova Corps website to see our history. Nova Corps have tested a wide range of programs in 2020, and we activated the phase 1 of Global combat Climate Change program in 24 October 2020, amd just recently, in 25 January 2021, we make some small tests to check if we still have the power to change the world. And yes, we are, we still hold the power of the revolution program and the next test will be on 15 February. Please come back to Nova Corps website and check regularly to see what kind of program we will test on 15 February.
Thank you and see you again.

And the activation of Global combat Climate Change phase 1 lead to the investment wave of solar energy around the world. The world can feel it. It’s an activation so the effect is very long lasting, but the test is just a temporary effect, anyway, the world can still feel it.

Nova Corps is very happy to offer the world our Revolution Program, just follow us, confirm our power and co-operate with us. It’s no doubt, we have the true power to change the world, and by co-operating with Nova Corps, we can bring the revolution of Economic, combat Climate Change, and Reduce Poverty to your country or any country in the world.
So, yeah, follow us, confirm our power, and co-operate with us.
Thank you very much, governments.

The comeback of Nova Corps

Hello, I’m from Nova Corps and today I want to announce that Nova Corps will comeback. And will come with 3 years program, every month in 3 years, Nova Corps will do a test. With the hope of recognition and some funding for the project. And also to test what Nova Corps have developed. 

So start the 3 years program, tomorrow Nova Corps will do some complicated test to check if, I still have the power to the world. And then, next, on the 15th February, will do another test of some program. The kind of program on 15th Feb will be announced later. But the date is 15th Feb.

So the 1st is tomorrow. And tomorrow 25th Jan, and the 2nd test is on 15th Feb, so let’s see. 

Thank you for watching.


And I also have simple message for president Joe Biden, if you want to know what is happening, which organization is in charge, for the strange events in the world right now, if you want to know which wizard can help you, you can go and ask Wray. And ask him to explain and give you the document.

And also to Wray, I want to say, that if you join some groups, trying to obscure some special power that the world needs, some benefits that America and World people can achieve within their reach, then it’s kind of Treason. So I advice you not to do that. If I’m not recognized, and the world can not have the benefits that they deserve, then you can leave.

Nova Corps will Officially Activate the Global Combat Climate Change program Phase 1 on October 24

Nova Corps will test the Global Combat Climate Change program on October 14


This message was sent on October 3.

Novacorps ends the global anti-coronavirus program.

The failure of the July 20 test and recent developments made us realize that our approach was flawed and the program had no impact on the world.

We therefore announce termination of this program.

The rest of Novacorps’ programs will remain under development as usual.

Thank you.

Nova Corps will test the Global Economic Revolution Program on July 23.

Nova Corps will test the Global Economic Revolution Program on July 23.

Nova Corps will also test the Global Anti-coronavirus program on July 20.

Nova Corps needs to have enough money to continue developing, completing the programs, and running them.

Thank you.

This message was sent on July 12.

Nova Corps will take a break

Due to lack of funding, we will take a break for a period of time, expected at least 2 weeks.

We will come back if we can afford it.

We have run out of money for tests.

This news was posted on June 28.

Nova Corps will test the Global Anti-coronavirus program on June 27

Nova Corps will test the Global Anti-coronavirus program on June 27

Nova Corps also receives funding through Ethereum, the following is the list of Nova Corps’ Ethereum accounts:

1. Global economic revolution

2. Combat global climate change

3. Reduce global poverty

4. Global anti-coronavirus

Nova Corps Bitcoin and Etherum accounts are correct at

This news was posted on June 17

Nova Corps will test the Global Combat Climate Change program on June 18

Fighting climate change is a complex and diverse process … involving many activities such as using solar energy, regenerating forests …

The vision of Nova Corps is:

Activities to combat global climate change are associated with reducing global poverty.

That is the conclusion Nova Corps draws after developing the program to a certain extent.

Anyway, the June 18 test will only be in the normal range but not yet reaching our vision, because it is not fully developed yet.

Once again, Nova Corps calls for funding for Nova Corps projects.

Once Nova Corps Bitcoin accounts receive sufficient funds, we will be financially eligible to operate the programs officially.

For example, 10 million USD is equivalent to 1052 bitcoins, at the price of 9500 usd / bitcoin.

Combating climate change with sustaining economic growth will be a great progress that the current world still cannot imagine.

This news was posted on 12 June.

Nova Corps will test the Global Economic Revolution Program on June 11

Nova Corporation announces:

Nova Corps will test the Global Economic Revolution Program on June 11

As planned.

Sincerely thank.

Call for support for Nova Corps.

Nova Corps will continue testing the programs in the near future. Information will always be published first at If you are interested, visit the website regularly for updates.

This news was posted on 7 June.

Nova Corps will test the Global Anti-coronavirus program on June 5

Nova Corps hopes will be able to extinguish coronavirus without a vaccine. Estimate, can reduced by up to 90%.

Nova Corps programs need enough capital to create a lasting effect on the world. Without sufficient capital, Nova Corps programs can not have a lasting effect.

So, please support Nova Corps.

Also in this announcement, Nova Corps announced that we will continue to test the Global Economic Revolution Program on June 11.

Thank you.

This notice was issued on May 30.

Nova Corps will test the Global Economic Revolution Program on May 30.

Nova Corps is the world’s most powerful organization, capable of changing the fate of the world.

List of Nova Corps programs:

1. Global economic revolution

Estimated budget: 35 million USD

Receiving Account: Bitcoin 3HCzBexeh8154NJ2MdDtNZcRksTu6DU8jx

Received support: 0

2. Combat global climate change

Estimated budget: 20 million USD

Receiving Account: Bitcoin 3GA5Vvv1BP1skXmaL8cg9rogugzrunEqx1

Received support: 0

3. Reduce global poverty

Estimated budget: 10 million USD

Receiving Account: Bitcoin 3PfXzyywyLbGGe2Ewm6D3u1CqMy4oaiWfR

Received support: 0

Especially in African countries

4. Global anti-coronavirus

Estimated budget: 15 million USD

Receiving Account: Bitcoin 384sk2kQpfBf9ojHKfzASXiEZaD2zSd4sS

Received support: 0

Nova Corps wants to operate independently forever, regardless of the governments, so we only receive support through bitcoin and remain anonymous. Proceeds will be invested in projects of Nova Corps.

Nova Corps calls on the billionaires and philanthropists to support us, for a better world future.


Nova Corps calls on the world to invest in Nova Corps’ special development programs. And calling on countries to limit investment in war, weapons, fighters … during this time.

Nova Corps programs are high cost but very effective.


Sincerely thank.