Nova Corps

Earth peacekeeping force

Nova Corps will take a break for 1 year

Nova Corps stop reading the news from today, to focus to the development of Global Anti Coronavirus program.

The program will still be deployed from 5 December, as planned.

The program this time is developed carefully, with improvements and ideas that I accumulated over a period of time. I have high expectation that it will success.

I’m in a situation of jobless, today is 27, and house rent due in 30. I have to find new place to live and work soon, or they may kick me out of house, and I become homeless.

The next 1 year I have to focus on take care myself, make money in my normal jobs, to pay rent have not to worry about my future. Now I only have about 1800 usd left.

It’s weird experience when I’m going to homeless, and have to multitask of find new place to live and still have to develop a new program at the same time.

Anyway, I think the anti coronavirus program will be success, trust me. It will help fight the virus not in 1 or 2 nations, but in many areas around the world, thanks to my program.

After the Anti coronavirus program finish, I will take a break for 1 year. No more read the news, monitoring the world, or create solutions for it.

Don’t worry, the Nova Corps project will be revived immediately if someone pay for the success programs I did. Thank you.

The world still have many challenges ahead, including economic, climate, environment … New challenges will come shortly, and soon. And only my ability is designed to solve it.

I hope my project will be revived and the world do not need to wait for 1 year.

In conclusion:

I stop read news from today to focus on my things.

The Global anticoronavirus still be developed as planned.

After the program finish, I will take break for 1 year.

The Nova Corps project will be revived after payment for the previous success projects is done.

Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Also, I’m feeling some threat via shipping box. I’m request some protect.

Nova Corps restart the development of Global Anti Coronavirus Program

Initial plan is to develop and test the Global Economic Revolution Program and Global Combat Climate Change program, and will test on December 2020 and February 2021.

However, after reviewing the situation, I see coronavirus is posing too big challenges to the world.

Many new vaccin is out, however, with many reasons like, slow production for winter, the people don’t like vaccin, and many people doubting vaccin on restraining the virus.

In fact, there is country like russia with 90% effective vaccin still can not stop the virus, while countries like china, australia, new zealand … without vaccin but can still stop it.

From global concerns lead to change of plans of Nova Corps, to temporary delay the Economic and Climate program, and restart the development of the Anti Coronavirus program. Nova Corps used to think vaccin will help to stop pandemic but now no longer, and will step in to help the world stop the pandemic.

Recently, with the research of countries like China, Australia, New Zealand … Nova corps discover some new methods and improvements, and hope those improvements will increase the success rate of the Anti Corona Program.


Nova Corps restart the development of Global Anti Coronavirus from today, and will test phase 1 on 5 December. If success, will activated on 7 December.

Phase 2 will be test on 10 December, and if success, will be activated on 12 December.


Again, Nova Corps do not have much expectations on success, We just try. The countries still should be careful and have methods to control coronavirus.


Some side information:

  • The world will owe Nova Corps a lot of money if the program success. Because if it success, will help the world get out of crisis and save trillions.
  • The fact is the Climate program phase 1 succeed, as you can see the transitions into investment for renewable. Without the help from Nova Corps, how much money it take to create that change ?
  • Nova Corps don’t like misconception: some guys, or groups of people (like Trump Admin) take credit for what I do, and don’t like the world owe me Money.

The events happen in Nova Corps’s schedule, because I announce it and do it.


Some people may say “Young people” make those changes, but who is the leader ? The fact is that your “Young people” don’t have that ability. If Nova Corps do not announce schedule and do it, it will never happen.


The doing to change the world, in Nova Corp’s way, require a lone life, no friends, and a lot time for doing research, and many more things. About the source of power of Nova Corps, maybe it’s something already designed for me. It’s not in possession of Young people in general or you.


I don’t know what BS they write on social like facebook, twitter, or news. But if you guys fail at determining the root, or power source, or the only one that can create the massive change, and pay a worthy reward for Nova Corps, at that point, maybe I also lose faith in myself, and will not have anymore motivation to create any more programs.

Therefore, you guys will have to pay for Climate program phase 1, because it success. If the Anti Corona Program success, you will have to pay too. Pay 2 programs in 2020. If you want me to continue develop Economic and Climate program in 2021.


If calculated in real value, you will have to pay 1 Billion. And you can pay 1B if you want. Because my programs will help the world save Trillions.

But I’m not too greedy, I take at least 100M. That’s the money will include the development for programs: Climate phase 2, 3, 4, 5 … Economic phase 2, 3, 4, 5 … And complete development of Reduce Global Poverty program, phase 1, 2, 3, 4 …

How to pay that money, that’s your job, you guys can contact phone to pay 8039981668.

You will witness the massive changes you never seen, or the changes that you have been waited or hoped for many years, in many problems of the earth like climate, environment, reduce poverty, economics … in many areas in the world. And those will contribute to World Peace. World Peace will be better if the people is well fed and comfortable off.

Those will happen of course after the payment.

And you will have my help for the future problems that may happen in futures. Maybe crisis happen every 10 years, maybe near 2030.

I’m the only one who hold in hand the power to terraform the earth, with the ambition not only to create well-off in many areas, but also to create long peace, reduce weapons.

Go to Proxima B is maybe hard, but to Mars, I thinks maybe we can.


I created Nova Corps with hope to earn some fast money, I didn’t aim for the job to lead the world out of this big mess. But there’s chance I will have to do it, who know.



Some personal info:

I know no one will care about my ability, or maybe I will live poor forever, but with a power like Nova Corps, I think I will do first and hope you to pay later.

I’m very poor, 90% of time spend to make money, take care rent, buy stuff, find new place to live or work… Don’t have much time for world things.

My work style is to spend time doing research, do miscellaneous things. If you guys don’t see me reply or talk much, you should know at that time maybe I don’t know any ideas what to do. I usually only appear if I know what to do.


This message is sent to many people.

Nova Corps will Officially Activate the Global Combat Climate Change program Phase 1 on October 24

Nova Corps will test the Global Combat Climate Change program on October 14

Watch address of Nova Corps’ creator at:

This message was sent on October 3.

Novacorps ends the global anti-coronavirus program.

The failure of the July 20 test and recent developments made us realize that our approach was flawed and the program had no impact on the world.

We therefore announce termination of this program.

The rest of Novacorps’ programs will remain under development as usual.

Thank you.

Nova Corps will test the Global Economic Revolution Program on July 23.

Nova Corps will test the Global Economic Revolution Program on July 23.

Nova Corps will also test the Global Anti-coronavirus program on July 20.

Nova Corps needs to have enough money to continue developing, completing the programs, and running them.

Thank you.

This message was sent on July 12.

Nova Corps will take a break

Due to lack of funding, we will take a break for a period of time, expected at least 2 weeks.

We will come back if we can afford it.

We have run out of money for tests.

This news was posted on June 28.

Nova Corps will test the Global Anti-coronavirus program on June 27

Nova Corps will test the Global Anti-coronavirus program on June 27

Nova Corps also receives funding through Ethereum, the following is the list of Nova Corps’ Ethereum accounts:

1. Global economic revolution

2. Combat global climate change

3. Reduce global poverty

4. Global anti-coronavirus

Nova Corps Bitcoin and Etherum accounts are correct at

This news was posted on June 17

Nova Corps will test the Global Combat Climate Change program on June 18

Fighting climate change is a complex and diverse process … involving many activities such as using solar energy, regenerating forests …

The vision of Nova Corps is:

Activities to combat global climate change are associated with reducing global poverty.

That is the conclusion Nova Corps draws after developing the program to a certain extent.

Anyway, the June 18 test will only be in the normal range but not yet reaching our vision, because it is not fully developed yet.

Once again, Nova Corps calls for funding for Nova Corps projects.

Once Nova Corps Bitcoin accounts receive sufficient funds, we will be financially eligible to operate the programs officially.

For example, 10 million USD is equivalent to 1052 bitcoins, at the price of 9500 usd / bitcoin.

Combating climate change with sustaining economic growth will be a great progress that the current world still cannot imagine.

This news was posted on 12 June.

Nova Corps will test the Global Economic Revolution Program on June 11

Nova Corporation announces:

Nova Corps will test the Global Economic Revolution Program on June 11

As planned.

Sincerely thank.

Call for support for Nova Corps.

Nova Corps will continue testing the programs in the near future. Information will always be published first at If you are interested, visit the website regularly for updates.

This news was posted on 7 June.

Nova Corps will test the Global Anti-coronavirus program on June 5

Nova Corps hopes will be able to extinguish coronavirus without a vaccine. Estimate, can reduced by up to 90%.

Nova Corps programs need enough capital to create a lasting effect on the world. Without sufficient capital, Nova Corps programs can not have a lasting effect.

So, please support Nova Corps.

Also in this announcement, Nova Corps announced that we will continue to test the Global Economic Revolution Program on June 11.

Thank you.

This notice was issued on May 30.

Nova Corps will test the Global Economic Revolution Program on May 30.

Nova Corps is the world's most powerful organization, capable of changing the fate of the world.

List of Nova Corps programs:

1. Global economic revolution

Estimated budget: 35 million USD

Receiving Account: Bitcoin 3HCzBexeh8154NJ2MdDtNZcRksTu6DU8jx

Received support: 0

2. Combat global climate change

Estimated budget: 20 million USD

Receiving Account: Bitcoin 3GA5Vvv1BP1skXmaL8cg9rogugzrunEqx1

Received support: 0

3. Reduce global poverty

Estimated budget: 10 million USD

Receiving Account: Bitcoin 3PfXzyywyLbGGe2Ewm6D3u1CqMy4oaiWfR

Received support: 0

Especially in African countries

4. Global anti-coronavirus

Estimated budget: 15 million USD

Receiving Account: Bitcoin 384sk2kQpfBf9ojHKfzASXiEZaD2zSd4sS

Received support: 0

Nova Corps wants to operate independently forever, regardless of the governments, so we only receive support through bitcoin and remain anonymous. Proceeds will be invested in projects of Nova Corps.

Nova Corps calls on the billionaires and philanthropists to support us, for a better world future.

Nova Corps has the world's leading experts, in many fields, especially astrology, horoscope, cosmology, etc.

Nova Corps calls on the world to invest in Nova Corps' special development programs. And calling on countries to limit investment in war, weapons, fighters ... during this time.

Nova Corps programs are high cost but very effective.

Our anti-coronavirus program, if we get enough capital, we are confident that we can make "Flatten the curve".

Sincerely thank.